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Apple soliciting feedback from Support Site visitors


I was trawling the Apple Support pages last night, when I noticed an orange box appear across the top of the page I was on, all Web 2.0 like. It was an invitation to participate in a short survey regarding my experience with Apple Support.

Who am I turn down an opportunity to give Apple a piece of my mind? So I clicked through and was taken to this survey site, where I was presented with "Your opinion is valuable to us. Please take this short survey to help us improve your Apple Support online experience. Thank you." and then I was asked some innocuous questions. Read the questions after the jump.

q1. Which of your Apple products and/or services were you inquiring about today?
q2. Have you owned the product you marked above for three months or more?
q3. Do you currently have an AppleCare Protection Plan for this product?
q4. What was your primary reason for visiting Apple Online support today?
q5. Was Apple's Online support site able to answer your question(s) today?
q6. What is the likelihood that you will telephone Apple regarding your question(s)?
q7.Thinking just about today's visit to the Apple Online support site, how much do you agree or disagree with the following statements? [scale of 1 to 10]
- It was easy to find the answers I was looking for
- Written documentation on the site is easy to understand
- Support tools on the site are easy to use
- The site is well organized
- The site is visually appealing
q8. Overall, how satisfied are you with today's experience using Apple Online support?
q9. Including today, how many times have you visited Apple Online support regarding this specific issue?
[end] Thank you very much for taking the time to complete our survey. Apple places a high value on your feedback!

Has anyone else been randomly selected to take the survey? The link to the survey isn't cookie-based, so anyone can click over and take the survey, and it's not an if/then survey where the subsequent questions change based on what your previous answers are. It's completely static. Quite boring actually.

What do you think... is Apple planning a major Support Site overhaul or just making us feel like our opinions matter?

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