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Intempo's colorful IDS-01b iPod speaker dock

Darren Murph

Now that the nanos have gone rainbow, it's only fitting that we see some color-matched accessories to show off your DAP. Intempo's IDS-01b iPod Speakers & Dock comes in metallic silver, green, blue, and pink (sorry, RED owners), and touts all the typical niceties (and drawbacks) you'd expect in a ho hum iPod speaker dock. The unit boasts dual six-watt drivers, functionality with "all" dock connecting iPods, an aux input for your other DAPs / PMPs, and a USB cable to sync up your 'Pod with the nearby Mac or PC. Unfortunately, the device doesn't sport any sort of battery powered option, so you're stuck sans sound if you deviate too far from an extension cord, and we don't imagine those shiny Neodymium drivers delivering any sort of award-winning audio quality either. Regardless, Intempo's latest can be picked up now across the pond for £34.99 ($69).

[Via ShinyShiny]

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