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Sheng Jay's SJ-5289 GPS navigator bumped into the ugly stick


While it was quietly displayed at Computex Taipei earlier this year, it looks like the real coming out party for Sheng Jay's SJ-5289 "NavMonster" will be at CES next year, and there sure is a lot to see. Unfortunately, it's all wrapped up inside what could quite possibly be the ugliest enclosure for a GPS device known to man. But if you can get past the surface, it's hard not to love the 7-inch 800 x 480 widescreen LCD, SiRFstar III GPS, Windows CE 4.2, 32MB of ROM, 64MB of RAM, 400MHz Intel CPU, full compliment of MS apps, CF/SD/MMC slots, SIM card slot and even an option for GSM/GPRS connectivity. We're not sure how much this 1.2-inch thick monstrosity is going for, or if we'll even be seeing it in the States beyond January's brief stint in Vegas, but we're not even sure aesthetics like these could keep us away from this thing otherwise.

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