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Hulger offers up pricey wooden Ziricote*PHONE

Darren Murph

If you thought these newfangled Treos were pricey, well, you're probably correct, but they don't have nuthin' on the likes of the Black Diamond, Gresso, and Hulger's Ziricote*PHONE. Following the mantra that regardless of price, someone will buy it, the firm has given its retro-styled PIP*PHONE a wooden makeover, thrown in some preserving wax, and jacked the price sky high. Built from that oh-so-coveted Ziricote hardwood, this handset comes in its own collector's box (also made from wood, go figure), rocks built-in Bluetooth, and "can be linked to all mobile and VoIP devices." This "one of a kind" gizmo will be on display at the Digital Wellbeing Showroom and can be picked up soon for £2,000 ($3,923) directly from Hulger.

[Via Slashgear]

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