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    Kohjinsha SA1F00B scores English review


    We finally have an english review and video of that hot little SA1F00 ultra-portable from the company behind the budget Sotec line-up of PCs in Japan, Kohjinsha. It's all what you'd expect: lots of love for the portability, spec-sheet, "nice" keyboard, and pivot screen for tablet folding action; knocks for "cheap looking" materials and a 500MHz Goede LX800 processor which Akihabara assumes won't be up to decoding DVD and DivX videos with high resolutions and bit rates. This was not tested in the review, however. Now, as Carrypad points out and we're happy to underscore, both the Raon Vega and PepperPad 3 which sport the same LX800 chipset can handle XViD/DivX at over 2Mbps just fine -- no frame drops. Still, everyone agrees, that little Geode is all you need for web surfing, email, and common MS Office tasks and should help eke-out 5 hours from the battery in the process. With a $1,000 pre-order from Dynamism, it's also the cheapest 7-inch ultra-portable, UMPC-like, XP thingy out there with a QWERTY keyboard. Now get over to Aki for all the pics and video.

    [Via Carrypad Journal]

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