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New Zelda for Wii "deep in development," Phantom Hourglass delayed


The new issue of Game Informer (#165) reportedly alleges that the next Wii installment of The Legend of Zelda has been "deep in development for around a year." Admittedly, this rumor comes as little surprise, since consistent first-party support is crucial for Wii's success.

We needn't remind you that Twilight Princess is a GameCube game with tacked on Wii functionality. While no doubt a key asset to the Wii launch, Twilight Princess is not a showcase for the new platform. Rest assured Nintendo has been working on 'that' particular Zelda entry since the moment the Wii concept was birthed. That's not to say we expect a true Wii Zelda before 2008. Remember, Metroid and Mario are holding it down in '07.

Game Informer also reports that Phantom Hourglass for DS as been delayed until October 2007; a full year after the Wind Waker sequel was initially expected. Sound familiar?

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