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Sprint compares its EV-DO speeds to Cingy's EDGE -- guess what happens


While our general practice of unquestioning obedience to the boob tube has gotten us this far in life, we managed to wake from our mindless trance for a few seconds the other evening to notice some BS Sprint was trying to pull on national TV. Sprint's recent TV commercial features dork-in-a-suit A and B sitting next to each other on a park bench, one with a drab Cingular laptop card, and the other one rocking one of those spiffy Sprint PCMCIA numbers. The Sprint dude proceeds to rock the house with his download, from a shiny app that looks suspiciously like Outlook, while the Cingular guy gets left behind with his dorky wanna-be email app and a crawling download progress bar. A helpful narrator explains the situation: "Sprint mobile broadband downloads 5x faster than Cingular's EDGE." Good to know, right? Well, unless if you count the fact that Cingular's EDGE ain't quite the competition anymore, Sprint. It's called HSDPA. Google it. And sure, EV-DO Rev A gives Cingular's current HSDPA version a run for its money, but we suppose a fair fight just doesn't work for ye ol' PR firm, eh? Peep the commercial after the break.

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