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Airport Update 2006-002 now out


Many owners of MacBooks and MacBook Pros (MacBooks Pro?) have been suffering with wireless connection problems, particularly when connecting to networks using the WPA security standard and third-party access points. In our own office WLAN, we've had DHCP and authentication issues with the Intel laptops on a WPA/Proxim network, while older G4 laptops connect effortlessly -- and, for what it's worth, the MBPs connect happily to an older WEP/Airport network. To point the finger firmly at a software or driver issue, the same MBPs that have troubles connecting to the WPA network when booted in OS X have nary a problem linking up when running in Windows XP via Boot Camp (a troubleshooting technique I never dreamed I'd use, but there it is).

For software problems, we look for software solutions, and Apple's update for Airport in the Core 2 Duo laptops might just help. We hope. Details on the update are thin for now but I'll test this on an MBP and see what, if any, improvements result.

[via MacNN]

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