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Genius adds to mouse / VoIP phone combo madness


Yes, it's yet another mouse /VoIP phone combo unit, this one coming from Taiwan-based Genius. As with those other identity-conflicted devices, the Genius Navigator 880 will handle mousing and phoning duties equally well, although if you think its name suggests that it'll also do GPS navigation, you'll be sorely disappointed. Designed primarily for use with laptops, the mouse end of the equation packs a decent 1200 dpi resolution, while the VoIP side of things boasts seven dedicated phone buttons when flipped open, as well as the all important blinkin' light to let you know when a call is coming in. Both options will leave you tied to your laptop, however, as this one's only available in a corded option. From the looks of it, Genius is going to be making the device available in India first (for about $40), although we wouldn't bet against it showing up elsewhere.

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