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Google Toolbar 3 official rele- no wait, it's a beta

David Chartier

Google has released version 3 of their Firefox Toolbar, a handy collection of Googlefied tools that tie into their ever-expanding lineup of services. This update ushers in some significant new features, including:

  • A Bookmarks menu (finally!) for their Google Bookmarks service (notice I didn't say ' killer')
  • A very functional Send To button with which you can easily share a page or excerpt via email, text message or their own Blogger service
  • A Google Docs & Spreadsheets button that can open "most popular file types" right inside Firefox, including those you drag into the browser or even (optionally) double click from the Finder
  • A master sign-in button for your Google Account
Also apparently new in this version are custom buttons you can add to the toolbar yourself. In fact, once you install it and restart Firefox, you can right-click in our search field at the top of TUAW and add our site as a custom search to Google's Toolbar. Searching TUAW has never been so easy!

[Update: There is a little confusion as to how to actually get this new version. On the download page for Google Toolbar, be sure to click the Try the new Google Toolbar beta! link, not the big blue button that says "Download Google Toolbar." I imagine they keep the two versions separate so they don't force everyone into living on the bleeding edge.]

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