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Greenhouse intros pocket-friendly 1GB Kana D DAP

Darren Murph

Greenhouse is apparently taking a break from TV tuners and USB ashtrays to update its wee Kana-SD MP3 player, this time giving it a more refined look, a (tiny) LCD screen, and removing the "S" from the nameplate. The Kana D touts a 1.12- x 3.27- x 0.87-inch enclosure, USB 1.1 connectivity, USB-stick design, 1GB of storage, about seven hours of battery life from a single AA battery, and six pre-packaged EQ settings. The unit comes in black, white, or blazing red color schemes, plays nice with Windows, and supports both MP3 and WMA. Best of all, the pocketable DAP can be had for just €39 ($52) when it drops later this month.

[Via Akihabara News]

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