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PS3 firmware 1.31 adds Final Fantasy XI support

A PlayStation 3 firmware update is now available for the system, nudging it along from version 1.30 to 1.31. While the US update page still doesn't list the contents of the download (c'mon Sony, if you can write the code and push it live, you can at least let us know what's in it), the Japanese page does. So now we stumble around, trying to decipher Japanese and piece together just what it is we've just stuck on our PS3. According to this machine translated page, they've added "installation of hard disk private PlayStation®2 standard software." Sure, this doesn't make any sense but if you think like a machine (follow this link), you'll realize they surely mean that PS2 software that heretofore required that system's HDD attachment is now functional. This includes Nobunaga's Ambition Online and Final Fantasy XI.

The Japanese page instructs us to download the "PS2 System Data" from the PlayStation Store; however, try as we might, we're unable to find the download. We're guessing a copy of either of the aforementioned titles may be required to install this functionality. Regardless, it's clear that -- especially if they're going to insist on frequent, mandatory updates -- Sony should consider being more communicative with their audience. Kaz, now that you're over in Japan, let 'em know that gamers in North America care about this stuff too!

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