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Sony's holiday marketing campaign sniffed out

Darren Murph

Whatever flavor of eggnog Sony's marketing gurus are sipping, we'd like a few cartons sent to Engadget HQ. While the PlayStation 3 ads were, um, interesting to say the least, and though the Bravia commercials are somewhat understandable, trying to rip an Apple mainstay isn't likely to catch fire (in a good way). But beyond all that, Sony's PSP advertisements have bordered on zany and offensive for some time, with everything building up to the "all i want for xmas is a psp" campaign. While we noticed something was a tad off kilter with the childishly-worded site, all it took was a few hundred detectives to spoil the company's fun. Unfortunately for Sony, the firm was busted in an attempt to construct an undercover website urging folks to urge their parents to pick up a PSP this December. This most certainly isn't the first time this year that the firm has started a "quasi-official" weblog, but trying to fool all those eagle-eyed readers out there didn't quite work out as planned. Nevertheless, the site remains up to provide "nothing but the facts on the PSP" from here on out, but that just makes you wonder what all the other propaganda before this was.

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