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Control the outcome of a Finnish TV show via SMS

Cyrus Farivar

Everyone's talking about user-generated this and web 2.0 that these days, but we honestly never thought we'd see the day when ordinary couch potatoes would have direct control over a show while it airs. Viewers of the new Finnish TV show "Accidental Lovers," (pictured) will be able to determine plot outcomes -- such as whether the characters break up or fall in love -- via SMS (they can leave snarky comments on-screen, too); think of it as choose-your-own-adventure TV. We're not sure if that means that there will be a select number of options, or if the creators of the show will resort to just airing the show live -- we're assuming the former. Either way, we're guessing that this idea could descend into wikitorial-esque chaos pretty fast here in the US, but of course, it's quite possible that those civilized Finns will be able to conduct themselves with much more grace than we ever would.

[Via CNET]

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