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HTC TyTN Music Dock charges, syncs, and delights

Darren Murph

While we don't expect the Hong Kong-derived HTC TyTN Music Dock to produce the same level of audio fidelity as Orange's Bluetooth variety, we'll admit that getting a dock, charger, and paperweight for 28 bucks isn't such a bad deal. The device sports a charging / syncing cradle for your HTC TyTN (Hermes), i-mate JasJam, Qtek 9600, O2 XDA Trion, Dopod CHT 9000, Orange SPV M3100, or Cingular 8525, as well as touting a pair of stereo speakers, 3.5-millimeter line in jack, and that oh-so-important LED illumination. You'll even get a stereo cable to save you a trip to Radio Shack, but the lack of a headphone port (or line-out) sort of puts a damper on things. Nevertheless, the HTC TyTN Music Dock can be picked up now for HK$190 ($28), but the overseas shipping just might kill the deal.

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