Acoustic Energy and Orange unveil Bluetooth wireless loudspeaker system

Acoustic Energy is teaming up with that oh-so-brightly-colored provider to launch the Orange Bluetooth wireless loudspeaker system. Similar to BenQ's IMS-100 and Sony's SRS-BTM30, this Bluetooth speaker system boasts A2DP connectivity to enable "wireless wide bandwidth stereo over distances of up to 10m." Aside from your snazzy Orange mobile, the device plays nice with other "mobile phones, PDAs, PCs or MP3 players with a stereo Bluetooth output," and should provide a bit more output than the competition thanks to its integrated 20-watt amplifier. Another svelte touch is the ability to disconnect the two mini-speakers and place them "up to 2 meters apart" from the central receiver for "improved stereo imaging," and a rear 3.5-millimeter stereo input jack also ensures that even your non-Bluetooth DAPs can get in on the action. Touted as the "must have gift" across the pond, the Bluetooth wireless loudspeaker system will hit Orange stores later this month for £89.99 ($169).

[Via Tech Digest]