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Verizon's LG VX8600 reviewed

Chris Ziegler

For folks looking for a sweet new clamshell on Verizon, the choice between the Motorola K1m and the so-called Chocolate flip -- the LG VX8600 -- is a tough one. After all, they're both glossy, music-oriented pieces with touch sensitive external controls; heck, even LG agrees the similarity is a rather striking one. So how's a consumer to decide? LAPTOP Magazine recently decided to take a crack at the VX8600, coming away with a rather glowing review of the phone. Of course, Verizon's consistent (and sometimes maligned) UI experience levels the playing field significantly, but LAPTOP was pleased with the acceptable call quality, 1.3 megapixel cam's performance, the external controls, the loud (only slightly distorted) external speaker and A2DP support. In fact, they go on to sum it up by saying that "this is now our favorite V Cast phone." Of course, we're guessing there's a Moto fan or two just itching to respond in kind, but it sounds like anyone looking to pick up the Chocolatiest of clamshells won't come away disappointed.

[Via I4U News]

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