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A legendary Xbox tattoo


Okay, so, we're fanboys. That's a given. We love the Xbox, the Xbox 360, and whatever other wünderbox Microsoft has in store for us next. Halo runs in our veins. We played hours and hours and hours of it back in the day. Yes, we love all things Xbox, but we're not sure we love them as much as this guy. Known only as GothicSlayer*, he has decided not to waste the valuable real estate on his back, opting instead to cover it with the Legendary crest found in the Halo series. As it stands it's only an outline, but he plans to get more of the detail filled in as he gets the money to do so (you can get tattoos in installments?). We've seen our share of gaming tattoos, but so far this one takes the cake, kills it, and then eats the cake's children. Let us know how it turns out, GothicSlayer.

Anybody else have any game tattoos they'd like to share with the rest of the class?

[Via HBO]

*So, does that mean he is a Gothic who slays people, or is he a slayer that chooses to kill Gothics?

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