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SageTV Placeshifter hitting the Mac


If hardware-based placeshifting isn't your thing, but you're still set on toting that MacBook of yours, then SageTV might have a solution for you. This month, as expected, they're launching SageTV Placeshifter, a Mac app that will let you connect to SageTV Media Center running on a Windows or Linux box. You won't be able to build a media center Mac yet, but if you're a dual or tri-platform type of person, the Placeshifter's client functionalities should fit in nicely. All the usual PVR and media functionalities will be available to your shiny OS X box, and the app will come bundled with a $99 license of SageTV Media Center. If you'd like to add another concurrent placeshifting connection, it'll cost ya $29.99 per.

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