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USB shaver keeps facial hair under control

Darren Murph

While we actually gave away a shaver not too far back to help the, um, hygienically challenged out there, leave it to Brando to deliver the first shaver geeks will actually use. Joining the gazillion other oddities that sufficiently eliminate the "lonely USB port" syndrome, this bathroom necessity features a floating double-head system, "ultra thin outer foil," low power consumption, snazzy blue LEDs, a revolving USB plug, and an on / off switch. Completely rechargeable via your trusty USB port, this gives a new meaning to "portable shaving system," and gives you one more reason to just spend the night in your office versus fighting that awful rush hour traffic. So if you're looking to drop a not-so-subtle hint to that beastly friend of yours, you can wrap this sucka up for just $22.

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