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Actiontastic GTD app updates with iPod syncing, more

David Chartier

The GTD space has been heating up lately, and Actiontastic seems to be the innovative leader, at least since I've been considering giving these apps a whirl. Jon Crosby, the developer, added a Quicksilver action early last month, and now he's gone and raised the bar with iPod syncing. In a long post that refreshingly summarizes what all this GTD (Getting Things Done) business is about, as well as his approach to the process with Actiontastic, Jon also lists a number of major improvements to this latest release, v0.83. The new iPod syncing feature works with any iPods that support notes, but it isn't the only update in this release. Check out the bottom of Jon's post for the full detains on all the changes and tweaks, but read the whole thing if, like me, you've been trying to understand what all this GTD stuff is about. This is the first time I've really felt like someone explained the concepts well, and the fact that he's illustrating them with his app certainly doesn't hurt.

Actiontastic is a Universal Binary, still in beta and at least for the moment: free. I can't tell if Jon plans to charge for it when it goes 1.0 official. Anyone know for sure?

[via Hawk Wings]

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