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Evesham releases iplayer IPTV set-top box

Erik Hanson

UK firm Evesham has released the iplayer high-definition media center for £299 (584 USD), which can tune in over the air HD signals as well as download podcasts, IPTV, and pay-per-view Top Up content from the internet. The 80GB hard drive provides PVR functionality with recording and playback for timeshifting your media, and Media Player Connect for streaming to any PCs on the network. It also upscales any standard-def content up to 1080i using the built-in HDMI port. The iplayer includes the usual audio and video media viewers, as well as an email client and web browser which you can use via the included remote or a USB keyboard. The Inquirer thinks that it's a capable alternative to Sky for viewing both Freeview TV and media online and offline, at just a bit of a price premium.

[Via The Inquirer]

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