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Samsung's SCH-V960: "world's first" optical joystick phone


We've seen and felt some sorry, craplastic navigation devices over the years. So pardon us while we effuse hope over Samsung's latest "world's first," the optical joystick cellphone. Though not bad, it's not the SCH-V960's specs that get us going: EV-DO data, 2 megapixel camera, 2.12-inch 240x320 display, Bluetooth, GPS, and microSD expansion to store your media. Rather, it's the new joystick with optical sensors which, according to Sammy, reads and reacts to your finger movements for "quick and hassle-free" navigation through the menus. This 3G slider also touts a "smart lighting" featuring to automatically control the brightness of the LCD and keypad to help squeeze a bit more life out of the battery. This 18.6mm /102g phone hits Korea later this month. Just don't be too surprised to find the new optical stick popping up across Samsung's lineup of audio players, digicams, and UMPCs in the near future. Who knows, maybe they've got an iPod Click Wheel on their hands... or not. Another picture after the break.


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