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Should iPods be banned?

iPods inspire lust in ways rarely seen historically outside of, say, tulip fetishes. They are certainly the most frequently stolen consumer devices on Earth. So do iPods, in and of themselves, cause crime? Consider the evidence.

Here's just a quick googling of iPod-related crimes from last Friday, all within 24 hours. What can we deduce from these stories? And from the many others I did not include? To even the most casual observer, it becomes clear that iPods are a root cause of crime throughout the world. They're involved in thefts, in assaults, and even in murders. Remove the iPod and perhaps you make the world a safer place.

[Theft] Police hunt teen robber
The youth stole a mobile phone and iPod.

[Murder] Employer knew he was under suspicion when 2nd woman slain
Police recovered an iPod that Triplett allegedly took from Ordidge's apartment.

[Counterfeiting] Beware of gifts that aren't what they seem
Mr Smith said the latest 'must have' Christmas present to attract the attention of the counterfeiters were iPod nanos.

[Theft] Car iPods are thieves' latest 'must steel'[sic] target
The problem is the iPod, sat nav or phone can easily be sold in a pub or on a street corner for a few quid. That is bread and butter to the opportunists.

[Assault and Robbery] Teens arrested in El Cerrito assault, robbery
El Cerrito police arrested three Richmond teens Tuesday after they allegedly attacked a female walking alone and stole her iPod and her bank card.

[Robbery] Police and Fire
Five teenagers were charged with robbing a 30-year-old Centreville man of money and his iPod.

[Theft] On the Logs
A 15-year-old at East Hampton High School told police that, while he was in gym class between noon and 1 pm last Thursday, a $250 iPod Nano was stolen.

[Theft] Police Log
At 5:37 pm, police responded to the first of two calls on Park Avenue after two cars' windows were smashed, and a cellular phone and Ipod were stolen.

[Assault] Police Beat
The Creamery on Ninth East reported an argument. The confrontation began with two parties, then a third party attempted to intervene. The agitation was over the use of an Ipod.

[Theft] Wal-Mart Workers Arrested
After his arrest for West City Police, Cocke gave a statement in which he admitted that he had previously stolen an iPod Nano and several soft drinks.

[Theft] Crooks snatch goods from volunteer kids
Stolen items included calculators, wallets, a camera, an iPod and a handmade guitar that belonged to four students.

[Theft] Hackensack man charged with iPod thefts
Police on Wednesday charged a Hackensack man with committing a series of snatch-and-run thefts of iPods at RadioShack stores in four Bergen County towns.

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