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Creative's new SE2300 Wireless Headphones with A2DP


If you'd like to enjoy your musicks via Bluetooth this holiday season, but are hoping to avoid looking like a total fool while you're at it, Creative has a new set of wireless headphones you might be interested in. The SE2300 cans keep it safe with a tried-but-true over the ear clip-on design and a nifty tether too keep track of the little things all mitten-style -- quite festive indeed. The A2DP headphones boast of an 8 hour rechargeable battery and AVRCP support to control your player wirelessly. Creative includes a Bluetooth dongle with the bundle, but you can sync with other Bluetooth devices just fine. The $99 pricetag seems just about right, but while these should be out in Singapore just about now, we're not positive when they'll be hitting the States.

[Via MobileWhack]

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