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Mitsubishi busts out LCD, DLP projectors


Mitsubishi rolled out a pair of new projectors today, covering budget-minded users and those less so with its XL650U DLP projector and SD105U LCD model. On the low end, the XL650U will give you an 800 x 600 native resolution with 1,600 ANSI lumens brightness and an 1,800:1 contrast ratio, all for just $599. It comes up a bit short in the port department, however, with just single VGA, S-Video, and composite inputs (no component or DVI). Needless to say, Mitsubishi's aiming this one more at the business and education market than home theater enthusiasts on a budget. Taking things up a notch, the company's $5,995 SD105U LCD projector will give you a decent 1024 x 768 native resolution but is mostly notable for the blinding 4,200 lumens it'll pump out, although that's balanced out by the unit's less than impressive 600:1 contrast ratio. While the input situation's improved here, with not one but two DVI ports, the premium price tag means Mitsubishi's still mostly counting on corporate users to soak up all those lumens. Of course, nothing is stopping anyone from snapping either one of 'em for some less-than-intended purposes -- both are available now.

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