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Blizzard -- Holiday support hours

Paul Sherrard

Tseric announced today the Blizzard support hours for the upcoming holiday long weekend. For those of you who can't access the official forums, the post is re-printed below and continues after the break.

What have your experiences been like with Blizzard's support team, both in-game and through their email and support forums? I've personally only used their Mac support forums, where the team has been incredibly responsive to the userbase. Let us know how Blizzard's been treating you, and if you think their support hours will have any affect on your gaming experience.

From the forums:

The Warcraft Series (including World of Warcraft) Open Technical Support Forum Live Technical Support will be available for a half-day this coming Friday, December 22th from 9:00AM-3:30PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) and will be closed on Monday, December 25th due to the national holiday. Please note that while the Technical Support department will be unavailable, our GM Department will be available at all hours throughout the holiday season.

If you have an in-game issue, contact information for our In-Game Support Department can be found at the link below:

General Billing and Account related information can also be found online at the link below (including contact information):

For Technical Issues, you can continue to utilize our other forms of support:

  • Automated Telephone Support at (949) 955-1382

  • Technical Support Website:
  • You can also receive help from other customers at the Technical Support Forums:
  • Conversely, our Technical Support department will be extending their support hours on Tuesday, December 26th and Wednesday, December 27th to 9AM-8PM PST.

    Technical Support Contact Information:
    Blizzard Entertainment wishes everyone happy holidays!

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