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Zune oddities (part II): Zune in orange, Zune Masters program, Zune with 80GB

Ryan Block, @ryan

We tend to think of something particularly academic when we hear the phrase "accepted into our masters' program," but apparently Microsoft is working the influencer angle again with the Zuners. 200 kids between the ages of 18-22 (but no older -- no one over 22 is cool, obviously) have been blessed with a bunch of Zune apparel (ten shirts, a hat, a messenger bag), some posters, obligations to hit the scene and attend (or suggest) hip Zuney events, and, of course, carry along their limited edition Zune. Speaking of limited edition Zunes, did you hear there are now orange Zunes are floating around retail? Apparently one went up on eBay starting at $750 -- no one bid though, what a shame and surprise. Guess that goes to show you that if you make too many limited edition products, people just stop caring. Danger, we're looking over your way. Oh, and finally, there's more Zune drive hackery going on, now boosting the 1.8-inch platter spinning monster up to 80GB without any case mods. Zune oddities, get 'em while they're, uh, weird. More pics after the break.

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