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WoW Moviewatch: DPS-adin III

Paul Sherrard

Esotarious is back! Being a DPS-adin myself, I'm always excited to see pallies do respectably in PVE and PVP DPS roles. You may recall that back in September, Mike Schramm gave Esotarious a quote to use in his next video. We're happy to report that yes, Mike is indeed quoted near the start of Eso's latest creation.

I really can't get over how good this makes paladin DPS look. I actually put on my pvp gear and headed out into Arathi Basin right after watching this video. Though his Dark Edge of Insanity makes my Herald of Woe look like a sponge bat, Esotarious has inspired me and legions of paladins everywhere to stop shutting up and buffing and get into the fray!

Here's the link to the Dark Paradigm forums where Eso and his fans discuss the video. You'll also find links to download the full high-quality version of the movie there.

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