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Cuban claims that broadcast networks are missing HDTV opportunities

Darren Murph

One of our favorite egomaniacs has once again stepped atop his soapbox, and with relatively awful sentence structure and nearly illegible paragraphs, Mark Cuban has managed to blast broadcast networks for missing the opportunities HDTV presents -- or at least that's what we deciphered. He suggests that while streaming internet video may be the "hot sexy thing" right now, the limited "internet bandwidth available to the home" puts a theoretical cap on the "quality and simplicity of video delivery." Of course, he forgets to mention the bandwidth crisis that every major cable provider out there is now facing, as the aging copper wiring simply can't keep up with the HD explosion in its current state. Nevertheless, he states that "HDTV is the internet video killer," and also says that the ease of receiving HD broadcasts on your television (really?) will prove a more viable outlet for advertisers to use in the long run as HD becomes more and more common in American households. Mr. Cuban (apparently) insinuates that broadcast networks should seize the opportunity that HDTV presents to elicit funding for those crisp, bright HD commercials -- but let's be realistic, we've already learned that HDTV "has no business model," and tapping that FF button happens just as rapidly regardless of whether the plug is in paltry SD or 1080i. Moreover, ole Mark didn't hold back from plugging his own HDNet channel as being a frontrunner in the HD ad revolution, but we'd recommend he figure out a way to cram more HD channels through an antiquated pipeline before complaining over a lack of HD channels to advertise on.

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