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How many iPods is too many?


You may think it's strange that I own eight iPods, but this MSNBC story tells me I'm not alone in thinking that there's no such thing as "too many iPods."

As the story points out, different iPods are better suited for different purposes - much like shoes.

My iPod (video) is more useful to me as a portable, digital photo album and video device, as well as for backup of my whole iTunes library, but less useful for every day music listening since it's bulkier than my iPod nano. While my iPod shuffle is better suited for the gym and my iPod photo is best for road trips since most of my car accessories work with it. What do I do with the rest of my iPods? I received my Crystalmini as a gift, and it only leaves the house for special occasions. My original 5GB iPod has a 20hr battery in it, but the scrollwheel is a bit wonky so it doesn't get much use. My 20GB 3rd Gen iPod never brought me much joy and it now used mostly as a portable hard drive. My other iPod shuffle is now on permanent loan to hubby. And honestly, other iPods come and go all the time. When a new iPod comes out, I buy it and try it out and yes - even take it apart. I have to. It's my job to know what's inside so I can better support them when my clients buy them.

But enough about my own iPod menagerie... as iPods become more and more ubiquitous, I bet many of you have more than one and probably have even more of them in your future. So tell me, how many iPods do you currently have, and what are you using them for?

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