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Paladin tips from Pallysucks

Mike Schramm

I personally think Paladinsucks is at its best when they're angry and foaming at the mouth. While it's usually about changes to the Paladin class, lately the changes to their class have been pretty good. So today they've got something else to rant about: Paladins who, well, suck.

If you can make it through all the caps and frustration, there's some pretty good rookie tips for playing a Pally in there: if cloth in your party or raid is getting beat up, use Blessing of Protection on them. If you're CC'd with Frost Nova in PVP, don't just stand there-- cast Cleanse or Blessing of Freedom. Out of mana? You better have Judgement or even just Seal of Wisdom up and running. And while it seems as basic as finding your trainer, a few Pallys still mess this up: if other healers are out of mana, and you've got some left, it doesn't matter how far you specced into the Retribution tree-- start spamming that Flash of Light (or the heal of your choice-- unpowered healing is better than nothing).

Unlike MastGrr, I won't yell, but while everyone thinks of Pallys for their surviveability, they actually have a lot of tools they should be using to help the raid out as well. If you're a Pally just starting out, or haven't picked up on some of the more complex subtleties of the class yet, these are some great tips.

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