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AMD Live! to support HD DVD / Blu-ray in Q3 2007

Darren Murph

The cat and mouse game being played by Intel's Viiv and AMD Live! isn't exactly enthralling, especially when you consider a vast majority of the HTPCs out there get along perfectly fine without either label slapped on them. Nevertheless, AMD is hoping to garner a bit more attention by announcing that its media-centric platform will be gettin' friendly with HD DVD and Blu-ray late next year. In a (likely futile) attempt to grab a "bigger share of the multimedia market," AMD Live! will be supporting the two major high definition movie formats as of "Q3 2007," and sources with PC vendors reportedly stated that it could prove to be a boost for the blue-laser market. So while a select few wait around to see what the fuss will be about this time next year, we'll probably be content with all the options already surrounding us.

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