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Jumpstart your vintage video game console museum


So there are video game console auctions, and then there are video game console auctions. This one would definitely fall into the latter category, boasting "Über 90 Telespielkonsolen" (over 90 video game consoles) and encompassing most of the glorious achievements and glorious failures of the video game industry. Sure fire winners include a Magnavox Odyssey, Virtual Boy, Neo Geo Pocket, Intellivision and Atari Lynx, with a NES clone thrown in there for good measure. In fact, the collection could probably be better defined by what's not included, which other than the exception of current-gen consoles is not a whole dang lot. Make sure you peep the read link for all bazillion consoles from their various angles, and if you've got a few grand laying around -- and can stomach the shipping cost from Hamburg -- why not give it a shot?

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