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Burning Crusade goes gold, expected to meet January 16 release date

Barb Dybwad

Tseric is confirming on the Blizzard forums that BC has already gone gold (i.e. been shipped for mass duplication -- "going gold" in the software industry doesn't refer to sales numbers as it does in the music industry), indicating that Blizzard has every expectation that the expansion will meet its planned January 16 ship date. This comes as a response to recent rumours claiming yet another delay for Burning Crusade. No more delays -- time to pen in the release date on your calendars. Can we get a /cheer up in this piece?!

Speaking of January 16, here's a heads up to tune in to WoW Insider starting January 1 for our official Countdown to Burning Crusade -- every day we're going to be giving away Free StuffTM via a series of daily contests. So be sure to check in for some fun and some cool prizes, and join us to share in the excitement as we count down to BC on (confirmed!) January 16.

[via Blues News]

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