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Today's hottest game video: WarioWare

Zack Stern

Gamers have WarioWare on the mind; yesterday's multiplayer footage is today's most-watched YouTube game video. But Wario haters, don't think you're out of Wario's woods yet. After a long debate, with lots of wild gesturing, we decided that the most-viewed GameTrailers video -- also WarioWare -- would take today's "hottest" crown.

The GameTrailers sequence is worth watching for its exposition about the game. Much of it is obvious to WarioWare: Smooth Moves fans, but a few new kernels of information -- like surprise Mii appearances -- pop up about the upcoming Wii game, soon to be available outside of Japan. We liked WarioWare's first GBA outing, but we've been wary of the formula since then. Maybe Smooth Moves will draw us back into the series.

See the full video after the break.

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