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Samsung's high-density 16Gb NAND flash released: cheaper, faster SSDs on the way

We're chomping at the bit for Solid State Disk (SSD) drives in our laptops here at Engadget HQ. The durability of flash coupled with the cut in weight, extended battery life, silent operation, and boost in boot and sleep recovery times almost makes us dig deep -- reallydeep -- for the luxury. Well, SSD ubiquity takes a tiny step forward today with Samsung releasing their new high-density (50-nanometer) 16Gb multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory modules for sample. These modules are destined for SSDs, external memory cards, or for packing into the latest "world's slimmest" cellphone. Samsung's first 50-nm NAND modules double the read speed of conventional MLC NAND (not SLC NAND) while increasing write performance by 150%. Mass production begins in Q1 2007 which will undoubtedly bring along a drop in price to the existing, not-exactly-lethargic 32GB SSDs already loosed on the market. Oh tiny wafers of mobility, how we love thee.