Digeo plans to release two stand-alone HD DVRs

Digeo, the company that makes Moxi DVR software, announced back in September that they were planning to enter the retail market by selling a High Definition DVR directly to consumers, rather than take the path of least resistance and continue to make deals with cable networks. According to Zatz Not Funny! Digeo plans to show two prototype models at CES, both with integrated CD/DVD players, along with a PC streaming feature and that whole recording video thing that DVRs tend to do. The first Moxi prototype will be a multi-room device capable of providing HD recording and playback with an integrated CableCARD to several different rooms. The second prototype is centered around audio, and features a Linux OS and is based around the AMD Live! Home Cinema reference design. Apparently this model will also pack high-end audio features, although we'll have to wait until the start of the show to get the specifics. Unfortunately for Moxi fans, Digeo's plan is to have its Moxi retail offerings available in the second half of 2007, which -- by our reasoning -- is just under six months away, so check back here sometime around July to read about it ya' hear?