Moxi prepping HD DVR for retail

TiVo's great and all, but we sure wouldn't mind a bit of competition in the retail HD DVR space all the same, and it looks like Moxi is getting ready to deliver in 2007. Their upcoming set-top-box -- which they're planning on showing at the upcoming CES -- should be packing CableCARD 2.0 for some single card multi-stream action, compared to the multiple CableCARDs required by Series3 to serve up multiple simultaneous feeds. Moxi is also boasting of the ability to stream video to your other TVs, but unfortunately that signal is downconverted to SD. This box is supposed to be going for around $1,000, which isn't a terrible price for multi-stream HD DVR right now, but probably won't be looking so hot when this hits the market in fall 2007. All the same, we're looking forward to the Moxi offering -- a little DVR deathmatch does the body good.

[Via Engadget HD]