Altec Lansing launches iMV712 iPod video dock, iM600 speakers

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|01.08.07

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Altec Lansing launches iMV712 iPod video dock, iM600 speakers
While iPod speaker docks are getting to be pretty commonplace these days, we haven't seen too many video docks. Altec Lansing's just rolled out its iMV712 ($350), an 8.5-inch "high-res" LCD paired with 3-inch speakers and 4-inch woofer. Yeah, and it's got a remote, too. However, and 8.5-inch screen won't do you much good unless you're situated pretty close to it. Meanwhile, good ol' Altec's also released a more traditional speaker dock, the iM600 ($150) has an iPod dock, FM radio tuner, remote and a "Sound Field Expander" to get your "artificial spacialization" on (whatever that is). There's also a rechargeable battery, aux in, woofer out, composite video out and mini USB, all for good measure. We're still waiting on when these speaker docks will actually be ready for purchase, so until then we'll just have to make do with our old docks, or heaven forbid, headphones. Slide on over to the next page for a glimpse of the iM600.

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