Apple VPs confirm no 3rd party iPhone apps

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Erica Sadun
January 10th, 2007
Apple VPs confirm no 3rd party iPhone apps

The lucky Gizmodo guys got their paws on an actual iPhone plus an hour of Q&A with some Apple VPs. Here are some of their scoops: The OS isn't going to be "OS X for real." It's more like a pseudo-OS X and, like the iPod, it will not have a public API and open development. This confirms what Dan posted earlier today about no user-installable apps. Which is a shame. I'd really love to see the iPod and iPhone get opened up for more third party software. The screen is the same polycarbonite material as the iPod overlaid with a touch element. Finally, there won't be any WiFi or cellular data syncing, only sync-via-docking.

Thanks Matt

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