Siemens' Party Dishwasher keeps the wine glasses sparklin'

In today's world, locating a dishwasher to meet your precise needs is becoming a reality, as we've got ones that work on countertops, sans water, and with icky toys, but now Siemens is offering up one for the night owls who'd rather jazz it up at home than head out on the town. The aptly-named Party Dishwasher sports a sleek, silver finish and your standard under-the-counter boxy design, but what it lacks in originality outside, it certainly makes up for inside. Designed specifically for party-throwers who'd rather blow around $900 for a new kitchen appliance than order up a extra dozen or so Merlot glasses, this machine touts a 29-minute rapid wash cycle that can blast the bacteria off of whatever partyware that's dirty so the late arrivals will have fresh glasses (while the early birds' thirst). Additionally, the built-in varioSpeed technology reportedly cuts the wash time of even normal, non-party serving cycles "in half," and it also allows you to use whatever choice of detergent you have (or have on hand, anyway), and then automatically detects the right temperature and amount of water to both conserve resources and finish faster. Of course, all these niceties do come at a price, but whether it's all worth the €679 ($884) is certainly debatable.

[Via Appliancist]