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XtremeMac HDMI switch and cables for Apple TV

XtremeMac HDMI switch and cables for Apple TV
Ben Drawbaugh
Ben Drawbaugh|January 10, 2007 5:10 PM
XtremeMac HDMI SwitchApple accessories are big business, and the Apple TV is no different. Apple has teamed up with XtremeMac to help you get your Apple TV connected, and they seem to have every option covered: HDMI, Component, HDMI>DVI, Toslink -- even analog audio, (no ATV doesn't support composite or S-Video). This takes care of most sets, but many TVs only have one HDMI input, so XtremeMac is also offering a HDMI 4-port switch. You can use the supplied remote or the button on the front, but there's no auto switching, which would have been nice. The surprisingly delightful part is the price; while many major retailers charge as much as $150 for a HDMI cable, this one is only $19.99. No word on the price of the switcher, but all will be available by the ATV's launch in February.

[Via iLounge]