Tons of CES videos: XBLA, GHII, IPTV, more

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Tons of CES videos: XBLA, GHII, IPTV, more has published several videos shot by Major Nelson at CES. Major takes time to check out Guitar Hero II, IPTV, XBLA, the HD-DVD player, and even takes a moment to chat with Peter Moore. We recommend the Guitar Hero II, IPTV, XBLA, and Peter Moore vids especially. The Guitar Hero II video will get you a glimpse at another 360 exclusive song from Pearl Jam (as well as a chance to watch Major Nelson try to play GHII and hold a mic at the same time). The XBLA video gives a quick look at Worms, Castlevania: SOTN, and Heavy Weapon. Players should be happy to know that Castlevania features an enhanced graphics mode (we're not sure which mode is used in the video though). Pause the XBLA video during the Worms interview to see the (rather anemic) selection of weapons. There are lots of videos. Hit the "read" link to check 'em out.

Oh, and our condolences to the employees working at the Zune lounge.

[Via Major Nelson]
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