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Capcom Rumor Round-Up: SFII on PS3, Dead Rising 2 on 360

Jared Rea
Jared Rea|January 16, 2007 1:20 PM
As the prettiest girl at the gossip ball, Capcom has been making quite a few headlines recently for actions they may or may not be considering. In light of the particularly bogus rumors floating concerning Microsoft buying out Capcom, lets take a look at some of the more substantiated rumors involving your favorite Mega Man sweatshop.

For your consideration, three rumors from the February issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (#112). For those who still believe in the aforementioned rumor, you may as well tear down those tin foil barriers around your room as Capcom "looks to be making several interesting games for the PS3's (network) service." The two titles mentioned being a remake of Street Fighter II with brand new sprites and an "updated NES classic."

While thoughts of Capcom toiling away at a remake of what is an archaic -- if not completely broken -- fighter (Super Turbo or bust) are sure to have some folks boiling over, the second possibility holds much more potential. Any titles in particular that you feel are begging for a Cell powered makeover?

If you took our advice and tore down your tin foil fortress, well, you may very well be scrambling to rebuild your Reynolds Wrap empire as the final EGM rumor is a bombshell concerning the exclusivity of Dead Rising 2. While they previously speculated in their October issue that DR2 would jump ships over to the Playstation 3, their sources say that "Microsoft delivered a marvelous moneyhat to Capcom to keep Dead Rising 2 a 360 exclusive."
With the costs of game development sky rocketing this console cycle and most folks agreeing that the days of the exclusive are over, this flies directly in the face of these notions. And while Dead Rising was a huge success for Capcom, the circumstances as to how this success came to be can most certainly be debated.

Just how valid is this collection of Capcom related scuttlebutt? Our sources all seem to nod in agreement with most of what EGM has to say and they have been quite reliable as of late. How do you, the reader, feel about some of these moves? Is the possibility of a Dead Rising sequel on the Playstation 3 a deal breaker? Are you dying for 500 gigaflops worth of raw Gunsmoke power? Discuss!