Microsoft eying WiFi-enabled Zune filling stations?

Apparently Microsoft is just following the blazed trails around, as it looks like the company just might be toying with the idea of implementing WiFi-based "filling stations" to allow Zune users to "cache and download on the go." Recently, Microsoft's media business chief Chris Stephenson proclaimed that he wanted to see music dispersed over the air to Zunes, presumably similar in effect to the iTunes kiosks and PSP Spot download stations already unveiled. Notably, he said the stations would fit best at popular locales that were already home to WiFi zones such as Starbucks and Mickey Ds. Interestingly, the exec pushed the idea in an area that seems to have already warmed to the OTA music distribution model, as the blokes across the pond have certainly been acquainted with Undersound already. Of course, those same folks who call the UK home can (maybe) look forward to a Zune-filled stocking as early as this year, which means that Gates & Co. should have plenty of time to ramp up production of these yet-to-be-confirmed tune dispensers (and chuck out a flash-based player while they're at it).