Transformers bust out of Nike Free shoes

Just a few days ago, Transformers aficionados were likely elated to see the Optimus Prime iPod speaker dock, and now we've got one more option for you to add to your collection. Not too long after learning a few secretive details about the Nike Speed+ watch, now it seems that Convoy and Megatron are busting out of a pair of Nike Free 7.0 kicks, ready to rock and lace up their enemie. As the first two members of the Transformers Sports Label series, these items are actually half scale renditions of life-sized footwear, measuring around 6-inches in length but reportedly featuring all the same qualities of an actual Nike shoe. Interestingly, the two bots even rock a diminutive pair of Nike Free shoes themselves, but there's no word on if wearing these things actually gives you similar powers. Nevertheless, the inseparable set should start shipping by May, and while the standard edition will set you back $58.99, you might as well spring for the "Collector's Grade" for an extra four bucks.

[Thanks, Yu-Ming]