NYC: Wanna play BioShock and get paid for it? [update 1]

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|01.30.07

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[Update: 2K just let us know they've retracted the offer. We'll let you know if and when they reinstate it!]

What a ridiculous question. Of course you do. In fact, many gamers would be willing to play BioShock without any sort of compensation whatsoever, finding reward in the moist surroundings of an underwater city and the the thrill of encountering terrifying scuba-men. 2K Games has sent out the call for playtesters in New York City, luring them with promises of payment and the opportunity to refine System Shock's spiritual successor (of sorts).

If you can make it to SoHo and have 3 hours to spare each day from this Wednesday to Friday, answer the questionnaire (placed after the break) and send it to the indicated e-mail address. If chosen, you'll earn the princely sum of $10 per hour, along with nine wonderful (probably) hours with BioShock. The Xbox 360 game is currently slated for a June release.
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