Wii Warm Up: Costs of the Virtual Console

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|01.29.07

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Wii Warm Up: Costs of the Virtual Console
Prices for games vary on the Virtual Console, with many games available for as few as 500 Wii points, or a measly five bucks, up to twice that ... and it's rumored that some games may be even more expensive than that. Sure, five or ten dollars doesn't sound like that much, but considering your other Wii costs, which we discussed over the weekend, many gamers are more frugal when it comes to choosing their Virtual Console purchases. After all, most of us have played these games before. Still, when it comes to reliving a beloved game experience, what's a few dollars?

Today's question is how you really feel about Virtual Console pricing, and what's driven you to start spending Wii points. What's been released that you just couldn't go without? How many games have you purchased so far?
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