Zap! to power electric version of Lotus' APX crossover concept

Just in case you forgot, Tesla isn't the only electric car game in town, and while the noted manufacturer is said to be working on its own crossover utility vehicle, this here Lotus ZAP-X electric version of the APX crossover is all thanks to Lotus and the Zap! guys. Lotus is, of course, bringing those hip-cool stylings and aluminum frame, but Zap! has replaced the V6 gas engine with in-hub electric motors, which can provide a combined 644hp, and vault the vehicle to 155 mph. Zap! is claiming an impressive range of 350 miles, with a 10 minute charge -- though we're guessing you aren't going to pull that kind of juice out of your regular ol' wall jack. If that's not enough for you, an auxiliary power unit with even more batteries is planned, and since the motors are in the wheels, there's plenty of room in the hood for such add-ons. Says Zap! of the ZAP-X: "The innovative placement of the power train leaves the space previously occupied by the conventional engine and drive train for additional battery capacity and amenities, making it a very consumer-oriented electric car concept. These design features will give the ZAP-X crossover the structural strength, and potentially storage and range that no electric vehicle has yet achieved publicly." Not too shabby at all. Unfortunately there's no word on when you'll be able to get one of these into your driveway, or how much it'll cost you, but the vehicle is definitely planned for a US release, so it's only a matter of waiting.